At first there was Aleph-one. Giant factories sprawled outside the metropolis, and workers walked the streets. Above the sky was grey, below the earth was dry. Human societies had adopted the computer. They said everything was going to be fine once they got the machines going. You would just plug them in, and add to them a magic thing called data. They said it was rational, that the machines would lead to human progress, that things would move faster and better; they said things were going to get organized.

Thus, Telecomix was created. To disorganize the organs that were organized.

The organizational principle of the Turing-based computerized society, Aleph-one, is called cybernetics. Cybernetics means being able to control a regulatory system, of any kind, as long as the regulator is able to extract information about the components of the system. This flaw, the need to know and request information, is exploited by the political disorganization of Telecomix. If we can render ourselves imperceptible, if we can hide what we are and what we do, in subterranean tunnels and burrows, we make a bug in the cybernetic system. We create uncertainty in cyberspace, in cybersyn - in whatever cyber utopia that is presented to the worlds.

Aleph-one requires constant monitoring of the parts of the system, of every little organ, mechanical or biological, as long as there is input and output, to keep everything organized. The anthropocentric understanding of this monitoring is sometimes called surveillance, and the perfect functioning of surveillance is a state of certainty. Certainty of identity, certainty in Newtonian space.

This is why Telecomix turned to the siphonophorae as a model for political lines of action. The forms we wanted, had to begin neither with the individual organism (you) nor with the masses (flocks, herds, crowds), but with the colony, in the biological meaning of this term.

When neither the individual or mass are made the center of action, many classical problems are avoided. We no longer have to solve the problem of the weak individual that everyone wants to give "Rights", as if this individual were actually strong to begin with. We neither have to crawl along the mudded paths of the masses, masses acting as a terrible mob, or masses being withdrawn into passive televised consumption (television functions very differently than telecomix, the former is limited to one-way optic affects, the latter employs full spectrum heterogenous explosions, "fireworks for the fibreoptics").

The siphonophore instead appears unified but heterogenous entity, composed as one, but made out of several - a composite - and a composition, with several subjects in harmonic counterpoint. The siphonophore as a biological model and the fugue as a musical model have several things in common: א) the unifying subject matter is "subjectivation", ב) the continous flow between organs drive time forward, ג) the tension between harmony/disharmony modulates the aesthetic effect, and ד) the progressive climax of a common, yet plural, goal is achieved (where every organ-voice still have their own trajectory, only to arrive sometimes at the same location: counterpoint).

Because the siphonophore relies of heterogeneity in identity, Telecomix is first and foremost a form of political disorganization. This initially appears as counter-intuitive, but disorganization must be stressed as a basic principle of the Telecomix system: the more energy that is injected into the system, the more heterogenous the system becomes. The normal course of action would be the opposite: When the temperature rises in a nuclear power plant, the engineers gradually worry more, and start following strict organizational principles to avoid a meltdown. They organize harder. On the contrary, when the Telecomix system attracts further siphonophorae, all those little heterogenous parts that simultaneously start working as one and as many (hydra, hydrophore), the more disorganized everything grows. Chaos increases speed. Confusion spreads and uncertainty rules. All is good, because now the ground is fertile, now the fruit is ripe and the vortex currents of the seas are strong. They turn, faster and faster, emitting in a centrifugal movement, new inventions and novel parts for rebuilding yet another colony.

Thus, we leave behind us the old forms of colonization. We no longer exploit what is remote. Colonization now instead means "to make siphonophoric", to make multiplicities, to proceed as One while preserving infinite differences. We take what is remote and make it near, through teleportation via the Telecomix system.

The only way to avoid the total control of Aleph-one, is to introduce uncertainty into the system that blindly relies on certainty to work. Computers are trying to extract information from everyone; they want to know how you eat and how you sleep, where you walk and who you love. The machines want every spectrum of humanity, only to convert it into bits and bytes, to cash and credits.

Don't be another plaintext file in a corporate database. Become a jellyfish and create a vortex that drags all data down to the underwaters. Avoid all surfaces, of the earths and of the seas. Drones fly across the planet, killing on a distance, remotely controlled by cyborgs of the desert. AT&TLantis sunk precisely because the surface became unhabitable, so you have to take to the depths!

Telecomix will never colonize the solar systems, as understood in the traditional meaning of the word, not even the shoulder of Orion. It will only colonize through instant association and integration, becoming a stellar siphonophore, becoming martian. Then inventing a new colony, only to instantly disorganize it, from its core to the outer rings.


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