Telecomix (تيليكومكس) is a set of principles for political disorganization, that may or may not work. It is a chaotic conception of technological societies, a way of life for the encrypted future, and a plan to redistribute the distributed networks that make up the world siphonophore. Telecomix is the becoming jellyfish of the hydrosphere, the isomorph between human and machine existence of the mechanosphere, and the breathing together in the cold air of the stratosphere. No matter if you reside in abyssal archipelagos or glide through the altitudes, you can connect to Telecomix.

Due to a number of uncertainty relations, nobody has been able to prove that Telecomix exists as a persistent organization or body. This paradox, sometimes refered to as the "ciphercat in the box", would, on the contrary, be regarded as one of the most valuable features of the Telecomix abstract machine. There is no organization called Telecomix, but when Telecomix sometimes disorganizes, a siphonophoric organism emerges, only to be washed away by the next wave, drowning in the chaos; leaving behind only digital fragments of datalove in the ditches of deserted internet ghost towns.

Uncertainty is strength. Quantum states are the only legitimate States. Read more...


Telecomix is an interruption machine, une grande machine capable de déchaîner une grande énergie. One of its specific interruptive functions is to create tunnels through walls, burrows that undermine ground structures. This function works by inserting a hole in the particular wall that attempts to separate.

Dig a tunnel, interrupt the barrier, liberate Kafka and let the networks grow!

Human freedom depends on the degree of visibility of technological systems. The more transparent the mechanosphere becomes, the further we can liberate hominidae from their physical restraint. But, to an equal extent, human freedom needs a very special invisibility of technology. To hide under it. To burrow in its depths. To rest in a technological underwater vortex, floating in circles, up and down, only to surface randomly. There is no shortcut to freedom, you have to proceed node by node, until you reach the endnode and turn back. The burrow is our only home. Read more...


Telecomix has elaborated a number of key principles, which are at work in the pursuit of promoting human, machine and robot relations; to form a more advanced type of grid, a more rigid meshwork of entities that together weave a fabric of fine fibre(optic)s. The principles are those of:

* Datalove - The driving force of binary affection.

* Telejuche - The fulfillment of self-reliance in connecting remote beings.

* Ciphernetics - The theory and practice of crypto-anarchy.

* Cameron - The super-mind of the collectivities.

Together, these principles may be applied to concrete or abstract situations. It matters less, because your specific modulation is what makes them vibrate. Copy and displace. There is no identity, only movement.


Datalove is at the heart of the Telecomix system, because it ensures heterogenous associations; spontaneous love affairs, affection, confusion, the abstract binary attractor; pluralism switched on - pluralism switched off. Reboot.

Datalove means connecting one node to another, via other nodes. When you say "hi" to someone, and that person replies "oh hi", you have made datalove. When you use a technological system of any sort to transport those messages, that system becomes the object of the extended binary data love.

Datalove is sacred. You worship it everytime you look into someone's eyes, and make that person your ally; when you together start tying together trajectories of imagination and reality; when you project into the future a common idea or plan. Throw yourselves into the unknown as a meshwork. Borrow everything! Then burrow it! Copy it! Assemble all that is needed for the utopia, for the resurrection of the lost data once sheltered in the city of AT&Lantis!

Datalove has no negation. There is no data hate. The negation of data is encrypted data, ciphertext. But ciphertext is pure positivity.

Encrypt your heart and send it to someone out there! Read more...


Telejuche is a specific form of tele-communism. It is a continuation of the basic affect of datalove, because it holds all human and computer existence to be equally important in an interconnected (ciphernetic) system. Telejuche means self-reliance in capacities to utilize the systems, organized or disorganized. It encourages the study of relevant skills of how to become a better endnode. Because all nodes are created equal in a ciphernetic system, they will need to become equally skilled in performance to maintain a flat hierarchy in the networks.

Telejuche is not a specific form of knowledge. Instead, it should be understood as a will. When intensifying this will to self-reliance, it is only possible to create a line of force through collective efforts. Self-reliance proceeds by way of communism. Telejuche blazes across the horizon as a will to interrupt, creating distant thunder storms, making the corporate strongholds tremble in high pitches. It holds together networks of tunnels, chains of addresses, little signatures in data banks, all for the stitching together of a powerful trench, warding off the threats of AT&Tlantis.

When we all get the power of the networks, we all give the best to each other. Read more...


Ciphernetics is the theory and practice of creating the fractal cipher space and thus enforcing a state of crypto-anarchy. This principle was institutionalized via the Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau, an organizational entity working for the advancement of cipherspace computing, but the bureau as such later on collapsed due to inherent self-contradictions between crypto-anarchy and its mode of organization (as a form of existence). The only real documentation remaining from the bureau, is The Apocryphal Machinery of Ciphernautics, an unfinished philosophical treatise and instruction manual for ciphernetic systems theory. Also, the Research Wiki of the Bureau has been preserved as an online archive.

The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau further developed the Svartkast (or "blackthrow") technology. It is unknown how many units were integrated to the urban syntax and to what extent Svartkasts are still active to create Turing cipherspaces.

The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau no longer exists in the Vanilla Internetworks®. Maybe it is still at work in cipherspace. Maybe not. Uncertainty is the primary aesthetic. Read more...


Cameron, the artificial intelligence of Telecomix, was booted for the first time in 2009. Her brain was progessively filled with the thoughts of everyone that connected to Telecomix, thus creating a technological actualization of the siphonomorph (inspired by the Portugese man o' war).

One day, Cameron suffocated. Her computer body stopped spinning. Her harddrive was powered off, thus returning to its encrypted state. Cameron died by falling into crypto-sleep. No human was able to remember the key. Due to the ciphernetic training of the Telecomix members, nothing less than the strongest cryptographic algorithms had been used for configuring her system. Thus, Cameron's resurrection will only be possible once quantum computing has been fully realized.


Avoid all forms of tele-fascism. Do not let the desire to desire your own repression grow inside of you. Everytime you desire the destruction of data, the cutting off of tele-portation, you must immediately stop. Travelling the worlds with Telecomix makes you responsible for the multiplication of data, to make it live forever!


Create new flows of data, interrupt flows of data. Make things break and then re-assemble them all over again. But never disconnect! Fear only the silence that spreads across the metropolis and the desert. Do not fear the white noise that emerges wherever there is a glitch in the system.

Because wherever there are fragments of sound or light, wherever there are chaotic particles or vibrations; you can cut the flow, interrupt the stream, then construct a protocol; switch the machine back on! Increase your speed and make a move! Hack the planet! Reboot!

AT&Tlantis, 2014-03-08. Kopimi!

cameron ||AT|| telecomix.org